This is only the beginning of a collection of extensive research done in South Africa.  As copyright permission is received, the documents or links will be shared.
List of sections below:
  • Legislation
  • Juju and Human Trafficking
  • The Male Perspective
  • Organ and Body Part Trafficking
  • Ukuthwala - Forced Marriage - Child Marriage
  • Other Research (including Reports & Links to websites)



JuJu and human trafficking


The Male Perspective


Organ & Body Part Trafficking


Ukuthwala - forced marriage - child marriage

2012 - Article - van der Watt & Ovens - Conceptulizing the practice of Ukuthwala within South Africa  (Copyright permission from Child Abuse Research in South Africa Journal)


Other research (including reports & links to websites)

2016 - Report - UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons (South Africa under Sub-Saharan Africa page 112)
2015 - Directory - Global Modern Slavery Directory - Modern slavery is a global issue that affects every country in the world. The NGOs, multilateral institutions, government stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies working to combat it must be able to identify each other and connect across borders. Otherwise, opportunities for learning, sharing promising practices, and collecting critical data will not be fully realized.
2014 - Article - Farley et al - Online Prostitution and Trafficking (Copyright permission from Albany Law Review 2013/2014 Volume 77.3 Pages 101-158)